AnacondaS Throwing Stick

    • Diameter 26mm;
    • Weight: 89 - 110 grams;
    • Length 1000 - 1300mm;
    • The patented shape with a reverse bend "does not twist" Boilie when casting, which allows to use even the soft boilies;
    • High accuracy castings at distances of up to 140 meters;
    • Products can be equipped with an Unique Orient Rods design  rear valve. Applying it, we get an enlarged opening at the end of the carbon tube, which allows us to increase the speed of the boilie by increasing the air pressure during casting.
    • Two patents of Ukraine are received for this design N101730 and N101733;
    • Our Throwing Sticks are made by a special thermo-compressive method using vacuum molding, in which the compression of the mold is carried out by means of heated elements of equipment. This method allows you to make products of a very complex shape;
    • For our Throwing Sticks manufacturing, we use the carbon fiber material located at a certain angle and filling the entire volume of material with threads, as well as Plain Weave Spread Tow. This type of weaving provides the best durability of the composite material;
    • The carbon fiber location at a certain angle also allowed to achieve the maximum torsion of the boil and as a result to achieve the longest distances casts. 
    • The optimal Throwing Stick's bending shape were chosen after a huge amount of tests, allowing now to do the world longest casts!
    • High Quality Neoprene Case Included.
    • CAUTION! Please avoid exposing the unit to direct sunlight!