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Venus V-3 13 3-5oz

    You will submit to any horizons!

    Introducing the new carp fishing rod Venus V-3 13' 3-5oz.

    V-3 is a reinforced version of V-2 and this rod can be called casting for work with large loads in the full sense (headwind, work with large PVA sticks and heavy loads).

    The efficiency of its impact with a certain effort is 20% higher than in other models.

    This became possible due to the addition of transverse prepreg to the longitudinal fibers at a certain angle, which allowed to obtain the extra rigidity and strength like a multilayer reinforced bow. Finish coating with a higher modulus of the fiber's elasticity is also used. Thanks to these changes, the blank diameter reducing became possible making the rod more elegant, without loss of strength.

    The novelty in design the butt cap made of titanium and carbon developed by our company became a real highlight of the rod. As well as in our flagship Iva rod, the handle is made using a carbon stocking.
    The lightweight ALPS series guides installed on the rod, their narrow frames minimally affect the structure and curve of the blank bending.

    Five guides (5G) could be used on this blank.

    General characteristics:

    • Fir-tree blank design (WIPO patent);
    • Butt Drive rod system – Orient Rods classifier;
    • Blank material Toray Japan 55-66 msi (40T+46T);
    • The reinforcing finish carbon coating 1K Plain is applied to add some extra strength and rigidity;
    • The ALPS series guides (S6-GSHRZG);
    • Reel seat Fuji Japan;
    • Combined Orient Butt Cup, material titanium-carbon;
    • The weight of the rod is 405 grams;
    • Casting distance is 200+ meters.