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Chameleon Ultimate 13' 3-6oz

    We are proud to introduce our latest product in 2020-2021: this is a carp fishing rod VekTra VT-1 13' 3,5 lb.

    A unique feature of the rod is reflected in its title. We have done real transformation changes in the technological cycle of blank production. We have reduced the diameter of the blank though keeping it tough enough to consider it a carp rod for long distance casting. We didn't thicken the blank walls or increase the modularity of the material, we didn't use the guide rings on several wide supports, we just made the most effective combination of materials and operations at different stages of the blank production process, making the tube more rigid. The operation of the blank can be compared to an all-wheel drive (full drive). The load is evenly distributed at the first stage of casting, both shank and whip are triggered as synchronously as possible, releasing the accumulated energy in the second stage of casting. Stabilization after releasing the load is minimal for such a thin blank.

    Casting such a rod is very convenient, you make less effort and get real pleasure from its aesthetic look while subduing fish.

    General properties:

    • Fir-Tree blank design (WIPO patented);
    • "FULL DRIVE" rod design according to Orient Rods classifier;
    • Blank material by Toray Japan 55-66 msi (40Т+46Т);
    • 1K Plain reinforcing finish carbon coating has been applied in order to add rigidity and strength;
    • Guide rings ALPS (S6-GSHRZG);
    • The reel seat Orient - Fuji with carbon bushing 1К Plain;
    • The Orient Rods butt cup with branded engraving on titanium surface;
    • The weight of the rod is 380 grams;
    • Casting distance is 200+ meters.