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Chameleon Ultimate 13' 3-6oz

    The rod Chameleon Ultimate 13' 3-6oz

    The rod blank is made of high-modulus carbon fiber and prepreg with minimal resin content and is coated with finish of Slit Carbon Toray spiral wrapping.

    We have selected conicity, wall thickness and material very carefully according to the design of the blank in order to achieve even more stress distribution and relief using five guide rings (5G). As a result we achieved better casting performance.

    The use of innovative materials and technologies in the process of manufacture made it possible to produce very light rods (385 grams) with real casting weight range up to 6 oz. The rod with such blank performance characteristics can be used as universal one (Ultimate). You get a lightweight and powerful rod with an extended range of effective blank action. You can use it as a spod rod, marker rod or the workhorse for difficult fishing conditions. The grip is a combination of practicality and aesthetics: it is made of Kevlar/carbon with spiral wrapping to reduce hand slip. The carbon bushing with engraving of Chameleon completes the stunning design of the rod.

    General properties:

    • Fir-Tree blank design (WIPO patented);
    • "REAR DRIVE" rod design according to Orient Rods classifier;
    • Blank material by Toray Japan 55-66 msi (40Т+46Т);
    • Slit Carbon Toray reinforcing finish carbon coating has been applied in order to add rigidity and strength;
    • 5 guide rings are used (patented 5G system);
    • Guide rings of K-series;
    • The reel seat Orient - Fuji with branded engraving on the carbon bushing;
    • Grip finishing with Kevlar / Carbon;
    • The weight of the rod is 385 grams;
    • Casting distance is 200+ meters.