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Chameleon Ultimate 13' 3-6oz

    The rod Chameleon SM (spod/marker) 13' 5,0lb

    We have designed and manufactured this rod as "front drive" in our rod classifier. The main difference from Chameleon Ultimate 13 '3-6oz rod in design is that we have reduced the rigidity of the shank (the lower part of the rod) and added sufficient strength to the blank so that it can cope with loads when working with large bait rockets and you can cast as comfortable as possible for a long time. This rod was developed with the support of our partner in Austria for the Austrian and German markets. It is rather light (397 grams) and allows working with a weight of up to 200 grams. In order to make it more elegant, we have added a Kevlar clamping sleeve and an exclusive butt cap with branded engravings.

    General properties:

    • Fir-Tree blank design (WIPO patented);
    • "FRONT DRIVE" rod design according to Orient Rods classifier;
    • Blank material by Toray Japan 55-66 msi (40Т+46Т);
    • Slit Carbon Toray reinforcing finish carbon coating has been applied in order to add rigidity and strength;
    • Guide rings of K-series;
    • The reel seat Fuji TVSTJK 17 with Kevlar insert;
    • The weight of the rod is 397 grams;
    • Casting distance is 200+ meters.