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Chameleon Ultimate Feeder 14ft up to 150 gr


    We are proud to introduce our latest product in 2020-2021: this is a feeder rod Orient rods Chameleon Ultimate Feeder 14' 150 gr.

    We have released an almost classic feeder rod with Fir-Tree blank design and extended functionality (Ultimate) for long distance casts. We have increased the diameter of the first guide ring and put it forward as much as possible; we have also equipped other pieces with single leg guides and reduced the number of rings on quiver tips: all this made it possible to use carp reels with high capacity spools and the least risk of overlaps. The rod differs advantageously from competitors as you will be able to reach maximum acceleration and cast distances with it easily. In the set, there are four quiver tips of 2, 3, 4 and 6 ounces, all with guide rings of size 5. Moreover, you can buy a reinforced quiver tip in order to reach even longer distances, it will add a 10% range to your cast. The insert on the grip and the reel seat bushing are made of Kevlar: this is a highlight of the design of our feeder rod, which emphasizes that this model relates to Chameleon series.

    General properties:

    • The rod grip is made of cork produced in Portugal;
    • Fir-Tree blank design (WIPO patented);
    • Blank material by Toray Japan 55-66 msi (40Т+46Т);
    • The Orient Rods butt cup with branded engraving on titanium surface;
    • The guide rings of K-series (sizes: 30,20,16,12,12,10,10);
    • The reel seat Fuji DPSD17CC with Kevlar bushing;
    • The rod is supplied in a dense case made of oxford 900 fabric;
    • Net weight of the rod blank is 173 grams;
    • The weight of the rod is 310 grams;
    • Casting distance using 80 grams flat feeder and mono line 0,26 is -160+ meters.